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Camus Cognac Port Cask Finish

Camus Cognac Port Cask Finish

The first Cognac with a Port Cask finish. The second batch of CAMUS PORT CASK FINISH is a limited edition Cognac finished in old tawny port barrels and bottled at a higher strength of 43.2 %, enhancing its extra fruity aromas.  As distinguishably as for the rest of the CAMUS range, the distillation of this Small Batch Cognac is carried out in small pot stills of 2,500 liters exclusively. All the wines used for this process are distilled with all their lees to impart a maximum concentration of aromas, while preserving freshness into the distillate.

Maturation first takes place, according to CAMUS’ traditional style, in lightly toasted barrels, which allow a deeper interaction between the liquid and the wood, generating subtle oak notes into the aged Cognac and allowing a perfect balance of flavors to develop.


For this special finish, our master distiller has carefully selected some fine oak casks with a 220-liter capacity from the best producers in the Douro valley. The casks selected date back to the 80s and have only contained Tawny Port wine, resulting in a distinctive structure of the wood staves which adds opulent and complex layerings of flavors, colors and textures to the traditional CAMUS’ Cognac character.

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